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Thai Yoga Massage


Avi has been practicing Thai yoga massage since 2006, and loved it so much that went to become an RMT shortly afterwards, graduating in 2008. Since then he has adapted all sorts of treatments to work extremely well within the framework of Thai massage fully taking advantage of all the movements, stretches, and acupressure from Thai massage to add their miraculous effects.

For fun he does Thai massage, tries crazy kitchen adventures, practices yoga, and spins in circles with his kid.

Avi is currently available for Thai yoga massage at Upward Dog Yoga Studio every Wednesday afternoon


Registered Thai Yoga Massage Therapy



Thai Yoga Massage is a full body, relaxing and therapeutic massage treatment that combines traditional yoga Ayurveda and massage techniques. Thai Yoga Massage focuses on opening the body to release energy blockages to aid healing and promote relaxation. Using an application of rhythmic pressure on meridian pressure points and energy lines, along with aided yogic stretching of muscles and joint manipulation, tension and blockages can be released and the energy is restored to its natural flow. Thai Yoga Massage takes a therapeutic approach, stimulating the body to heal itself from internal imbalance.

Benefits from receiving Thai Yoga Massage:

Eliminates muscle tension, while increasing 
mobility and flexibility
Promotes total body relaxation
Balances the body energetically
Detoxifies the body while additionally boosting the immune 
Improves blood circulation
Aids to promote body alignment
Improves athletic performance
Aids arthritis, back pain, neck and shoulder tension
Strengthens joints by stimulating cartilage to reproduce
Reduces and relieves stress and anxiety
Achieve better energy levels, stamina and vitality. 
Helps to build emotional balance to improve one’s outlook towards life


$90 for 60 minute massage (HST included)
$130  for 90 minute massage (HST included)

Things to know:

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.
Please eat 1-2 hours prior to your treatment.
Please wear comfortable, loose or flexible (yoga) clothing. Recommended to bring long pants, t-shirt or light weight long-sleeve shirt.
Please allow 24hrs for cancellations.

Please note - last minute cancellation (same day) is $30 fee
No show is a full price fee to compensate the therapist lost time

Please be respectful of our time

To book a Registered Thai Yoga Massage appointment with Avi Davies, RMT, please call Upward Dog Yoga Centre at 613-241-9642, text 613-407-9642, e-mail udycentre@gmail.com  
or click here to book online