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Our intimate and personalized Yoga Teacher Training program meets not only the standards as described by Yoga Alliance®, but we also strive to meet the personal requests of each of our participants.

In this training we will study and practice traditional and modern yoga techniques for your self-practice, learn how to teach these techniques to the general public, as well as study anatomy and physiology to safely and effectively to various groups, learn the philosophy of yoga, and the business of yoga - what it takes to make a living doing what you love!

At Upward Dog, we believe yoga is for every body. We love to hear what brings you to yoga! In our Yoga Teacher Training program, we explore what our trainees really want to learn. In addition to the minimal requirements as stated by Yoga Alliance® and an introduction to various styles, we will study more power yoga, more pre-natal, more restorative, more anatomy, more meditation, more yogic diet, more ayurveda, etc. If that’s what our group craves!
Curriculum What you’ll learn – Because yoga is more than just postures!

Traditional and modern teaching techniques
The practice of yoga is ancient and it has evolved over the years. It by being more of a meditative practice. The ancient yogis explored breath control (pranayama) to invigorate and balance the mind and body. They started to include movement and asana in order to find physical comfort after long seated meditation. The modern yogi might not meditate or move so much, the needs and demands of our modern society are different. Learn how to mix the old with the new to find your personal practice and your teaching style!

Teaching methodology
You will learn a ton of amazing stuff about yoga. The best part? You will learn how to share this knowledge with others! Learn the art of effectively delivering the yogic teachings to your students. Not all individuals learn in the same way! Enhance your communication skills for the listeners in your group. Perfect your demonstrating skills for the watchers in your group. Allow space for silence and practice for the doers in your group. Explore safe ways to assist your students practice, both verbally and hands-on.

How to sequence fun and safe yoga classes for both groups and self-practice
Whether this training is to deepen your practice or to learn how to share it with others, you will learn the art of sequencing. The safety of warming up the body with various stretching and moving techniques. Being prudent with working with preparatory poses in working towards a peak posture. Explore fun transition to diversify your sequences. Include themes to share a holistic yoga practice with your students.

Dynamic communication skills
Speaking in front of a group is a terrifying thought for most people. Not to worry! It simply takes practice. In our program we play games and explore exercises to improve your communication skills. You’ll learn what, when, where, and how to say what you need to say to deliver a spectacular class.

Your teaching voice
Don’t be a copy cat! Learn to be authentically YOU in your class. Don’t just parrot what we tell you, live it and practice it, then teach what you know and love. Our program will help you discover what that is if you don’t already know and will help you own your voice as you learn to share your teachings!

How to read bodies and accommodate for various injuries and pathologies
Yoga really is for every body, but not every yoga is for your body. Our program emphasizes anatomy and biomechanics for the safety of our students. Your students must trust you with their body before they can trust you with their spirit. You will learn how to “read” a body based on typical movement patterns and postural queues. You will be introduced to common yoga and sport injuries and various pathologies and illnesses as well as how to modify your words and sequence for the sake of your students safety.

Comprehensive anatomy and physiology
Our teaching team is highly trained in the modern approaches of self-care and physical activity. Experience ranging from graduate research on the biomechanics of yoga, specialty yoga trainings with a strong emphasis on anatomy, and talks from Upward Dog’s resident massage therapists.

Subtle yogic anatomy including chakras, vayus, and koshas
There’s more to you than what meets the eye! Learn about the subtle body; the energetic system of the chakras which reflects the health of a particular area of you body, the vayus which are the concepts of the life force energy, and the koshas which are the layers of the body, from layers of the physical body to the esoteric layer of the bliss body. Understanding and working with the subtle yogic anatomy helps the practitioner find optimal health - psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The business of yoga and what it takes to make a living from teaching yoga
Don’t quit your day job… yet! Learn what it takes to make a sustainable and rewarding living from doing something you love. Tips on how to advertise your teachings by finding your niche market, learn the fundamentals of running a small business as a yoga teacher, introduction to basic bookkeeping, website design, and so much more!

This ancient health care system is closely related to yoga that originated in India. It is based on an individual’s constitution. Learn things like: what to eat and when to eat it as well as what type of yoga practice is ideal for your body type. What you want isn’t always what you need! Gain a deeper understanding of yoga and ayurveda work together to find optimal psychological, emotional, and physical well-being!

Yogic philosophy and history
It’s important to understand the traditional concepts before we can apply them into our modern concepts. Explore the history of yoga to help guide your present and future. Learn how to reflect on philosophical texts to deepen your practice.

Yogic diet and lifestyle
Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of diet, no one is going to restrict your calories or make you eat kale at every meal! Don’t get us wrong, we love kale, but our Registered Holistic Nutritionist can help shed some light on why kale, traditional, and modern diet might not be for you. Learn the what, how, whys yogis ate and how they lived and how you can apply these traditional teachings in your modern life!

One 1000-word essay
Two Quizzes
Three unsupervised teaching practicum reports
Three teaching practicums
One 10 min presentation
Class reports
Context grids  

Attendance at all sessions is mandatory. Missed classes will have to be made ups the student’s expense. Absence could affect your eligibility for certification.

Lead teacher
Elizabeth Whissell, E-RYT500, M.Sc. (Biomechanics of Yoga), BHK, RHN  

Garrett Plumley, E-RYT200, BA (Philosophy and Psychology), BEd

Guest teachers
Melanie Allison  
Tania Frechette 
Kayla Hough  
Jennifer Young 
Sadie Webster  
Maria Jussila
Others to be announced!


 $2,500 +HST if you register by September 1, 2016
$2,700 +HST after September 1, 2016

UNLIMITED YOGA from September 24th, 2016 to May 7th, 2017
Books, manual, and handouts

*Payment plans available
*Upward Dog Yoga Centre 200hr training is an educational
institution that provides official tuition tax receipts (T2202a)
*Space is limited. Programs subject to cancellation based on registration numbers.

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"Yoga teacher training with Garrett and Liz was an amazing experience. I thought I knew what yoga was until this course. It opened my eyes to many different aspects.  It was a great mix of anatomy, theory and practice. More than six months on, I still find myself thinking about things I learned there, during yoga and my daily life. Specifically, it changed my opinion of what a "practice" is. I appreciate different styles of yoga more, including meditation. It also hit the reset button on how I thought various poses were supposed to feel or look.  As a result, I have a stronger, safer practice and understand my body even better. And, I learned a lot about teaching - how to structure a practice, how best to speak to a class, how to approach students.  There was a good amount of time to practice and start to feel comfortable teaching.  On top of learning, I had a ton of fun. Liz and Garrett have amazing personalities.   Upward Dog is an amazing studio to do the training at, with a great atmosphere and facilities.  It was a rigorous month that took a lot of work, but completely worth it.   I cannot imagine a better learning experience." - Jason

"My yoga teacher training with Garrett and Elizabeth in July 2015 was an intense, challenging, and fun month of learning and growth!  I had originally planned to do a different teacher training on weekends, but when my work schedule afforded me the opportunity to do the intensive program instead, I jumped on it.  I loved the immersive experience of the intensive program; it was such a delight to breathe and live yoga for a month.  Although there was a lot of material to absorb during class and homework to do each night, I never felt overwhelmed due to the support of Garrett, Elizabeth, and my fellow class-mates.  I really appreciated the focus on anatomy and safe alignment.  In addition to learning how to be a good teacher, I learned to conquer my fears, discover my strengths and weaknesses, and realize my sankalpa.  My yoga teacher training with Garrett and Elizabeth was a truly transformative experience! - Crystal  

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Refund Policy: Refunds minus a $250 administration fee are available only when a written request is submitted to the Upward Dog Yoga front desk no later than August 15th 2016. No refunds will be issued after September 15, 2016.

The Upward Dog Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Development course meets the Yoga Alliance 200 Hour standards. 

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